It’s showtime!




New York City

Nyc metro area

(Including some areas of NJ and CT)


500 - 1

600 - 1.5


800 - 2

950 - 2.5

1100 - 3


1500 - 5*

2000 - 8*

2800 - 14*

3800 - 24*

  • *Social and/or down time is required

  • 10% Deposit is required for all shows

Exclusive Travel To Set

major northeast cities

(boston, dc, Philly etc)


1800 - 5

2200 - 8

3000 - 14

4000 - 24

Rest of the World

(US + international)


3500 - 14

4500 - 24

6000 - 48

  • Social and/or down time is required for all travel

  • 20% deposit is required for all travel and travel expenses must be covered by booker



Last Minute Request (less than 12 hr notice) + 150

Your place (outside of NYC) + 100 & uber

Studio Use (in some cases) + 150

All Access Show + 200

Important information

100% safe experiences only! No exception.

Unexpected experiences are simply the best. If you are someone that must know exactly what the show entails and requires a list of acts, this show is not for you.


A deposit of 10% is required for all first time show requests and 20% for all travel. This can be arranged through Cash App, Venmo, Google Pay, and Gift Rocket. Other deposit options are available under certain circumstances.


Shows at your place in NYC(i.e upscale hotel, residence in safe neighborhood) are preferred. Shows at Reina’s may be additional. Please keep this in mind when requesting a show. FYI - Same day and last minute requests are rarely available and are additional.


Last minute cancellations of 24 hours or less will result in a forfeit of deposit, 50% cancellation fee, and possible cease of contact. No shows will result in forfeit of deposit, 100% cancellation fee, and possible cease of contact. Cancellations of 24 hours or more, deposit can be applied to a future showcasing. Please plan accordingly.

Please arrive to set in a timely manner, any tardiness must be made aware of as soon as possible. Deposit will immediately be refunded in the unlikely event the show is cancelled by Reina.


Discretion is extremely important! Because of the nature of this modeling it’s imperative to keep matters private. Please do not share any details - in person or online.


For private engagements, please have remainder enclosed in an envelope and placed in the restroom. For public engagements, please have remainder enclosed in a thank you card addressed to Reina. Having the remainder in a gift bag or a thoughtful book is preferred for utmost discretion.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Kindly note, admission to the show is for time only. Anything that may or may not occur is a decision made by consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for.


Do not refer to admission or use acronyms/explicit language during correspondence, at all. This will result in cease of contact and the show ending immediately.

It’s important to arrive in good health and impeccable grooming. Please refrain from lewd conduct, smoking, and drug use.